Emotional Sobriety Radio


Comforting Yourself When You Are Hurt or Disappointed / June 28, 2014
Special Guest Mark Baumgartner Director of In Patient Services for Hazelden Betty Ford

Appreciating What is / Recovering Your Emotional Center of Gravity / May 24, 2014
Special Guest Bob Newton Director of Day Treatment at the Betty Ford Center, Rancho, Mirage, CA

Developing a Healthy Perspective Towards Yourself / April 26, 2014
Special Guest Interventionist and Sober Companion Damian Schiller.

Confronting Yourself For the Sake of Your Own Integrity / March 22, 2014
Allowing the best in us to confront the worst in us.

Special Guest Zo Williams “On Relationships” / March 1, 2014
Zo Williams of the “Zo What Morning Show” shares his views on “Relationships”

Owning Your Own Projections as an Act of Your Integrity / February 15, 2014
The things we see in others that disturb us are so often the things we see in ourselves.

Stop Allowing Other People to Edit Your Reality / January 18, 2014
Joseph G. from Rum Radio is our guest as we discuss the topic of standing firm to who you are.

An Emotional Sobriety Inventory Review / January 4, 2014
Don’t miss this vital show to help take your recovery to the next level.

Download Emotional Sobriety Inventory Form

12 Stupid Things That Mess Up The Holidays / December 21, 2013
If you want your holiday season to be successful here are 12 Stupid Things to avoid.

Emotional Sobriety and The Steps Part One / November 16, 2013
Part One Steps Three and Four Becoming Independent.

Emotional Sobriety and The Steps Part Two / November 30, 2013
Steps Four through Eight Emotional Liabilities, Erotic Emotions, Developing Meaningful Endurance to our Pain

Doing Things for the Right Reasons / November 2, 2013
Monty shares his views on this topic

The I to Thou Relationship / September 21, 2013
Introducing Martin Buber

Our True Self vs Our False Self / September 21, 2013
Introducing Dr Karen Horney

The Six Pillars of Self-esteem / August 24, 2013
Introducing Dr. Nathaniel Branden

Dancing With Fire / August 10, 2013
Introducing John Amodeo Ph.D.

Unpacking Bill Wilson’s Letter Part One / May 11, 2013
Bill writes to a depressed friend.

Unpacking Bill Wilson’s Letter Part Two / May 18, 2013
If I’d only known.

Unpacking Bill Wilson’s Letter Part Three / May 25, 2013
Bill discloses more.

Unpacking Bill Wilson’s Letter Part Four / June 15, 2013
More is being revealed.

Emotional Sobriety Inventory / June 22, 2013
Bill Wilson called it the frontier.