Project Description


Who should attend?
ALL who are interested in improving the quality of their life; especially those in any 12 Step Fellowship.

Honestly ask yourself:

  • Am I restless, irritable & discontent’?
  • Do I have a healthy and happy life?
  • Do I have balance, especially in my relationships?

Human development evolves through three broad stages:

Stage I: Dealing with our addiction and/or personal brokenness/unmanageability.

Stage II: Submitting to a change process – beginning to have healthy relationships with ourselves & others.

Stage III: Sustaining this new “Way of Life” by the daily practice of universal principles resulting in a fully authentic/integrated life.

You will experience a process for:

  • Identifying unconscious obstacles to your relationship with yourself & others.
  • Taking ownership and responsibility for your life, your relationships, and your happiness. Fostering your emotional/spiritual growth and having your life FLOURISH.